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Relay International and Peiner Umformtechnik - A connection for the future

Relay International is the sole Asia-Pacific supplier of Peiner HV high tensile bolts. The only option when constructing a wind tower, bolts and fasteners by Peiner Umformtechnik are also the best option for a wide range of structural applications, including buildings, bridges, mining equipment and more.

Never before have Australian industries had direct access to such high quality and technologically advanced structural bolts and fasteners. The construction, maintenance and automotive sectors also have the benefit of dealing with a specialist in high tensile bolts and fasteners.

If you have a specialised application or large construction project that demands quality, strong, traceable structural bolts, contact Relay International today.

Better connections

Relay International has a particular focus on supplying Peiner HV high tensile bolts. These are ideally used in:

  • Slip-resistant connections
  • Flexurally rigid plate connections
  • Shear type connections
  • Ring flange connections of wind turbine towers

The quality and innovation demanded by the wind turbine industry means that wind tower bolts are superior in design and engineering.


With a tensile strength of 10.9, Peiner HV structural bolts are the best option for a range of industries, allowing developers to lower insurance premiums through their superior strength and quality.

Industries that can benefit from this high quality range of fasteners include:

  • Commercial construction
  • Civil construction
  • Mining
  • Wind energy
  • Automotive

Relay International customers also have access to Peiner Umformtechnik’s technological support unit. This unit assists customers in selecting fastening elements, design of fastening points or calculation and installation of fasteners.

Quality assurance

Relay International supplies wind tower bolts sets to the steel construction industry that comply with standards:

  • DIN EN 14399-4 (DIN 6914 and DIN 6915)
  • DIN EN 14399-6 (DIN 6916)
  • DIN EN 14399-8

Peiner high tensile bolts are imprinted with individual serial numbers to ensure that the end product is completely traceable to right down to the batch of input material.

In addition, Peiner HV fasteners are manufactured to comply with the strict quality requirements mandated by ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001:2008. Hot dip galvanising according to DIN EN ISO 10684 ensures efficient, high quality corrosion protection.

Wide range of certified high tensile bolts

Relay International has Peiner HV sets stocked at its Australian warehouse in the standard size range from M12 bolts to M36. Speciality wind turbine tower bolts sizes up to M64, complying with DASt guideline 021 and the corresponding Peiner company standard are also available.

Through Relay International, customers also have access to specially-manufactured structural bolts and fasteners made to suit their specifications.

Additional products

In addition to its range of wind tower bolts, Peiner Umformtechnik is also able to manufacture special products as demanded by wind turbine projects. These products include:

  • Double-ended studs and threaded rods
  • Rotor blade fasteners
  • Special tension nuts

Peiner products can also be packed to customer specifications upon request.

Relay International is also a supplier of Lindapter fixings for joining beams. Allowing faster project turnaround as well as cost savings, Lindapter mitigates the need to drill or weld on site.

For superior strength and quality structural bolts, contact Relay International today.

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